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Computational Marketing, Multiple Internships (Telecommute)

About Data Shaping Solutions

With 150,000 visitors per year, is the #1 analytic job board. Specializing in business intelligence, statistics, analytics, data management, data mining, data analysis, SAS programming, CRM, web mining, six sigma, operations research, risk management, database marketing and quant.

The company also maintains the Data Mining Meta Directory, a general resource with emphasis on fraud detection, CRM, advertising technology, web mining, probabilistic trading, scorecards, market research, artificial intelligence, statistical technology, text mining, information retrieval and computational marketing.


Datashaping internship opportunities are ideal for mathematics, computer science, operation research, statistics or engineer students completing undergraduate or graduate programs.

  • Some opportunities require no particular technical skills, except possibly HTML, Excel or Word. However, you must have a computer with a reliable internet connection, and a very good command of the English language. Also, you must be able to identify high quality data mining web sites.
  • In a number of instances, experience with HTML, FTP, a programming language such as Perl, C++, C# or Java, as well as text parsing, will allow for higher level of automation, and thus significantly better compensation. In some instances familiarity with XML and RSS feeds might be useful, although training will be provided.
  • It is not required to be familiar with web robot technology as training will be provided. However, if you can write intelligent web robots, this is a significant plus.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with a .edu or academic email address, whether in US or abroad.

Job description:

The tasks to perform are described below. Tasks that can be somewhat improved with web robot technology are marked with a (+). Tasks that can be significantly automated with a web robot are marked with (++) and require experience with Perl (or C#) and text parsing. When applying, please mention which tasks you are interested in.

  • Building a growing list of reciprocal links with various organizations. This is a great way to make contacts with many people and grow your network. (+)
  • Adding new entries to our Data Mining Directory. Deliverables will be web pages sent by email or uploaded on one of our servers.
  • Helping with job ads: extraction, re-formatting, delivery (web pages) via FTP or E-mail (++)
  • Mailing list discovery and management
  • Reverse word of mouth advertising (+)
  • Helping with resume processing
  • Automated sales force (++)
  • Implementing computational marketing campaigns using distributed architecture (++)


We offer three different payment plans. Please mention how you would like to be paid.

  • Free training in web robot technology, Data Shaping Solutions and text mining experience on your resume, and our copyright infringement robot ($3000 value) offered to you for free
  • Performance based. Examples: payment based on the amount of quality traffic generated, number of links added to our data mining directory, number of quality reciprocal links generated, or number of problems solved. This is the best solution for the tech savvy students who can automate the processes involved.
  • By the hour. Better hourly rate than in a typical student job while working from home. However we do not like this option and preference will be given to students opting for free training or performance based compensation.

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