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Data mining meta-directory: general resources with emphasis on fraud detection, CRM, advertising technology, web mining, probabilistic trading, scorecards, risk management, market research, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, statistical technology.


  • General

    1. SIGKDD - ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
    2. The Data Mine - General data mining resources
    3. AMSTAT - American Statistical Association
    4. AMS - American Mathematical Society
    5. IAPR - The International Association for Pattern Recognition
    6. - Knowledge Discovery Nuggets
    7. DMReview - Covering Business Intelligence, Integration and Analytics
    8. AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence
    9. USENIX - The Advanced Computing Systems Association
    10. TDWI - Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Organization
    11. ACL - Association for Computational Linguistics

  • Internet, Market Research, Advertising

    1. IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau
    2. W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
    3. WAA - The Web Analytics Association
    4. ARF - The Advertising Research Foundation
    5. DMA - The Direct Marketing Association
    6. SEMPO - Search Engine Marketing
    7. AAAA - American Association of Advertising Agencies
    8. ReeveJobs - Market Research Resources

  • Finance

    1. IAFE - International Association of Financial Engineers
    2. AEA - Applied Econometrics Association
    3. AAFM - American Academy of Financial Management
    4. CFA Institute - Become a Chartered Financial Analyst
    5. WFA - Western Finance Association
    6. GARP - Global Association of Risk Professionals

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