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Data mining meta-directory: general resources with emphasis on fraud detection, CRM, advertising technology, web mining, probabilistic trading, scorecards, risk management, market research, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, statistical technology.


  1. Adrian Baddeley - Stochastic Geometry, Spatial Statistics
  2. Julian Besag - Hidden Markov Models, Image Analysis
  3. Steve Brooks - Computational Statistics
  4. Noel Cressie - Spatial Statistics
  5. Vincent Granville - Web Mining, Text Mining, Fraud Detection
  6. Jerome Friedman - Data Mining, Decision Trees
  7. Alan Karr - Stochastic Processes
  8. Brendan Kitts - Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Fraud Detection, MSN
  9. Daniel Kocis - Multivariate Analysis, Business Intelligence
  10. John Kolassa - Small Sample Inference, Exact Inference, Biostatistics
  11. Daniel Larose - Data Mining, Statistical Analysis
  12. Andrew Moore - Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Google
  13. Rajeev Motwani Search Engine Analytics, Combinatorial Optimization, Google
  14. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro - Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Expert Testimony
  15. Peter Rousseeuw - Clustering, Robust Statistics
  16. Brian Ripley - Simulations
  17. Gilbert Saporta - Multivariate Data Analysis
  18. Amit Seth - Web Analytics, Large Data Sets, Search Engine Analytics, Yahoo
  19. Richard Smith - Extreme Value Theory, Environmental Statistics
  20. Kurt Thearling - Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Capital One
  21. Allen Tucker - Computer Science
  22. Mike West - Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Bayesian Hierarchical Models
  23. Dane Wu - Data Mining, Consulting, WaMu

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