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Data mining meta-directory: general resources with emphasis on fraud detection, CRM, advertising technology, web mining, probabilistic trading, scorecards, risk management, market research, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, statistical technology.The data mining meta-directory project is expected to be completed by May 31st. It will promote several hundred leading resources once completed, as more commercial products will be added.


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  2. Pattern Recognition - Sergios Theodoridis, Konstantinos Koutroumbas. Elsevier, 2003.
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  6. Numerical Recipes in C (with CD Rom) - William H. Press et al. Cambridge University Press.
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  9. HTTP: Understanding Web Internals - David Gourley, Brian Totty. O'Reilly, 2002.
  10. Professional Stock Trading: System Design and Automation - Mark R. Conway, Aaron N. Behle.

  11. Abbott Analytics - Book listing
  12. KDNuggets - Data Mining Books: Professional and Business-oriented
  13. KDNuggets - Introductory/ Textbooks on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  14. Google Search - Data Mining Books
  15. Thearling - Selected books focusing on data mining techniques
  16. Wiley Publishing Company - Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Mining Books
  17. Advanced Trading Research - Recommended books about automated trading
  18. SAS Books - From the SAS website

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